Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Favorites for Change

I've had a front row seat with some big organizational changes in the past few months. Here's some of my favorite quotes that have a good ring of truth to them. If you are in the middle of something like this too, maybe these will help.

"Change is made by individuals who stop seeking deniability." - Seth Godin - Catalyst 2010

"Stop hitting your head against the wall and look for the loose brick. - Mark Goulston. Advice for changing systems." - @alanhirsch

"You don't win by being quiet, you win by being heard." - @SallyHogshead

"The cynic and the activist look the same to the status quo." - @markriddle

"Organizations lose their relevance when the rate of internal change lags the pace of external change." - Gary Hamel

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