Monday, January 24, 2011

Six Years and Counting

GMcM and I have been friends since 2005, when I helped lead a student team to Londrina, Brasil to participate in a week of culture exchange for their Brasilian high school students. Of course, the trip had a longer term focus of helping catalyze some relationships in their high school and college network. We had a little gathering over the weekend together and its a joy to hear that some of our efforts six years ago are still bearing fruit. Amazing how some of key missiological principles are taking place there and we didn't realize it until later. Stuff like:
+ A person of peace [who has pretty much come to faith now.]
+ A multiplication of the movement via house churches/gatherings, not via an attractional, invitational type of gathering.
+ Context matters and that Brasilians best influence Brasilians.

GMcM also talked about:
+ The future missionary probably has a legitimate profession and mission is done via that rather than as a professional missionary. I'm finding this advice more and more common among seasoned cross cultural workers as they advise the emerging generation.
+ The challenges of family dynamics as they seek the best solution for one of their sons who is getting ready for college.
+ Relationships that were started six years ago are still intact and in some cases blossoming. High school kids from then are now university or graduate students that the McMs still have intentional contact with. A few of them have really grown in their journey.
+ So the plants that we planted were stolen. But I'm thinking that they are still growing - just in someone's house. That counts as fruitful.

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