Tuesday, January 11, 2011

100 to Watch in 2011

Absolutely love this presentation about 100 trends to watch in 2011. If you have any tinge of futuristic in you, you'll love it too. Be sure to click to open the whole listing and it looks like these guys might be pretty accurate from past predictions. [via Mel McGowan]

Here are some of my favorites:
1 - 3d printing
2 - africas middle class [as more africans get on the ladder of development]
5 - auto apps
13 - brazil as e-leader
22 - decline of the cash register
24 - detroit [sounds like lots of interesting stuff going on there now]
30 - ebook sharing
38 - global disease refocused
50 - michael jackson
65 - oprah winfrey network [seems like really compelling shows]
78 - smart infrastructure investment
87 - tablets for tots
94 - tube free toilet paper [what does this mean for how you pack tp for mission trips?]
96 - urban industrial parks

More proof that some of the future hasn't been created yet. Finding those that are going to create this - some of us take that responsibility pretty seriously.

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