Friday, January 21, 2011

Leadership Collective - T minus 7

- Venue gets set up next Monday evening.
- We engaged an interior designer to think through and add some color and vibe to the space. Claudia also painted my dining room for me.
- One of the sessions on Friday night is hearing from 6 different leaders at GRACE for 5 minutes at a time [sort of like TED.] The hope is that we get inspired by 'normal' people.
- Sound check, band rehearsal and speaker run through next Tuesday evening.
- As a futuristic, I've just about moved on. I've got another theme I would love to see for next time. And I'm on the lookout for someone that can do this better than me.
- Two 'mixers' planned are based on the themes of collaboration and mentoring. This comes from the ideator on our team.
- If you are a Howard County person and would like to come, let me know and I will sneak you in as my personal guest.

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