Thursday, September 13, 2007

We Need Some More Developers

I wrote a little bit about the Leadership Vision dudes at the CAI conference. More on them later. What was very intriguing to me was that CAI had these guys engage all their field teams as "Missional Consultants", both at the conference and throughout the year. Most of their time spent with teams was spent interpreting StrengthsFinder and Myers Briggs in the context of the working teams.

I think we did a great job putting our leader teams together this past summer due to focusing on first finding strong point leaders and then surrounding them with other very capable people - ultimately resulting in the strongest most capable leader teams we have ever had.

An area of improvement for next summer will continue to center around leaders, including something like:
- a team leader guide.
- all team leaders take StrengthsFinder.
- someone interprets the results as a team, not just as individuals.

Photo: SF results of some of our team. Note the circles.

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