Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fire King 1.0

My personal notes from this morning's message.

I Kings 16-18
prophets are not comfortable people to be around.
Ahab - 7th king - married to Jezebel
Jezebel from Sidon - incredibly pagan
drought, no dew or rain
Baal - male god - god of agriculture and natural elements and fertility
Asher - female counterpart
Elijah - God tells him to give the message and then turn and go hide.
Go to Sidon - where J is from - huh?
Find specific village where a widow lives.
A widow - a person in the bottom of the social strata who is going to 'provide' for him during a drought and famine in the land.
[not only faith of Elijah but faith of the widow]
widows son grew ill - Elijah healed him
drought lasted 3 years
cultivation of Elijah's faith happened in private
gathered 850 of Baals and Asher's prophets on Mt. Carmel
"prophetic trash talk" - Ortberg
pour water on the alter - 4 jars, 3 times - all in the middle of getting over a drought
contrast the way the pagan prophets dance, cut, sacrifice as prayers to Elijah's calm, confident prayer
Elijah is one of the original fire kings

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