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Leading In the Global Matrix - notes

As part of GCC's leadership development program, notes from a session I did yesterday.


::: Intro
tony sheng
Leading in the Global Matrix
culture and context - the faster and deeper a leader engages, the greater the impact
look at paul - 3 on the ground, tangible behaviors he uses to engage context
expand your perspective about our current context - where Grace is on the way to marking human history

tony’s context - about me - SPACE - catalyzing students

Ex: TS in Brasil - moose on his shirt signified homosexuality - they laughed and he had no idea what about

your context – you are to lead - lets get it clear - you are here for a reason and if you have doubts about your leadership - put them on the shelf - the most exciting strategic time to be a jesus follower in human history - you have a vital role to play - the world is depending on you

::: Acts 17 in another language

::: Pauls behaviors
- 1.sees his context clearly
how the world really looks
most amazing time in history ever

: world and history - Six of the ten billion who have ever lived are alive today, and half of them are under the age of 25 – if you need compelling proof for youth ministry…
More has happened in fulfillment of the Great Commission in the last 100 years than in the previous 1,000 years.
China—fastest Christian expansion ever with 10,000 new converts every day
15 million converted Hindus, Buddhists, and Muslims have opted to remain within those religions in order to witness for Christ as active believers in Jesus as Lord.
In 1900 81% of all Christians were White - By 2005 this will drop to 43%
Unreached peoples: 13,000 cultures

: cities - global urban migration

: howard county - GCC - strategic right in the middle of DC and Baltimore
1/6 in Howard County are foreign born
:poll - how many life next to someone of a different ethnicity

community:church:leaders – sets and subsets
not a lesson on corporate diversity
but a lesson on clarity – we must care about what our community looks like
why this is called Leading In the Global Matrix - wake up and see

2006 best places to live - Money Magazine
1000 families $3M budget - $300K to local and global projects
over 200 middle and high school students in the past four years, $150K
Building Bridges – a week long community impact project
This church is not like any other church you will find

clearly GCC is situated for something grand
unique pivotal spot in human history
Paul saw this clearly

Learner vs. teacher
Trader vs. seller

:: Discuss – "In the different contexts or environments I am in [work, school, hobbies, church, etc.] do I see this global melting pot? Is there a place I should and do not see it? Why so"

- 2. focused on long term impact
**'the latest ideas'**
Paul was in this specific mix for a reason and this group of people were probably not like his own
he was there for a specific reason - he was trying to reach the group that were focused on the 'latest ideas'
diffusion of innovation scale - draw this on the board [not my idea] - flip chart - The Tipping Point
how fast people gravitate towards change

front edge of the curve - the innovaters, risk takers, entreprenrial, catalytic
they are the leaders
people of influence
these people would go on to affect change in others
wave of difference and action

Paul knew that he had to draw from leaders - whether they were Christ followers or not
not a flash in the pan
mentor - if you are focusing on less than 500 years, it's too short [not my idea]
who are the leaders - not followers - you are trying to reach?

Bobby Clinton, Fuller, studied 1200 leaders from history and the Scriptures - 'leadership selection and identification is a major function of leadership."

Neil Cole author of Organic Church says, “The best leaders are the ones who are creating leaders, not just followers”
Everyone has the potential to influence at least one other person. The best leaders aren’t necessarily the ones up front of a lot of people – they are the ones catalyzing those others to affect the multitudes

How do you identify those in your ministry who are leaders? There are surely signs…
TJ - in student ministry, see which adults kids gravitate towards
two SPACE interns – these kids read everything that I give them

- person of peace idea from Lk 10 - someone who has good reputation in the community, well connected, lots of influence, people follow them

F in Brasil – great relationship with the other parents of school kids, great reputation in the neighborhood, serves in community board. Not a believer, yet. When she comes to Jesus, there will be an very fast expansion – in the form of multiplication not addition.

- think about multiplication versus addition

UMCP is one of the best places to reach Chinese – reach more there than going to China – because they will return to China

More than just a great kids ministry or a dynamic moving small group
A movement of Christ followers
SPACE started as mission trips and community service - now it has become so much more than that - creating a movement among students to catalyze and empower them to change the world

not creating a ministry for the ministry sake
it's about affecting humanity
making a difference for all of mankind

::: Discuss "what is the impact of my ministry in 5, 50 and 500 years."

- 3. language
looks into the culture to frame a passion for God
Don Richardson, Peace Child
redemptive analogy - finding a story or legend in the culture that is analogous to the Gospel
music, movie, legends, etc.
ET - alien comes to life, dies and born again to give life to Elliot
Children of Men - no one has any more babies except one
the Bridge movie in cheq
can come from literature, music, etc.
keep in mind that pop "culture" now has very deep, philosophical meanings
The Matrix, etc

Discuss: examples of redemptive analogy

::: Close
responsibility, impact and influence

Link to the handout, which includes an outline, other resources and questions for coach-leader interaction.
Updated handout which includes better interactions for coach and their leaders.
Photo: SSunde reading for our session.

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