Sunday, September 02, 2007

You Are A Missiologist

That was the theme of my talk in LC last weekend [amidst our youth ministry leader retreat and Mission Sunday in big church...] - as in repeat after me, "I am a missiologist."

The overall idea was that it's important for all of us to understand God's sense of mission throughout all the Bible [Gen 12, Mt 28, Rev 7] and to be in touch with how God is moving through all the world. The morning included 3 minute interviews from a lot of our summer teams including Baltimore, New York, England, Hungary and two other young adult teams, Uganda and Jamaica. All the Light Company kids that did something mission-trip-wise were also on the stage to share real quick. [Related topic - how young is too young for kids to go on overseas mission trips?]

I touched on some concepts such as global urban migration and a redemptive analogy. Granted, some big ideas and big words. But I don't think they were too out of the realm of what middle school kids can understand.

And once they understand, we have to move them to act.

Photo: K and OR, after swimming in the Danube, outside of Vienna, Austria, summer 2007. via Megan

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