Wednesday, September 12, 2007

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::: Short Term Missions and the Future
Seth writes:
Over and over again I watch the very missionaries I've mobilized through a short-term experience tell me, "It's too much work. I don't want to host any more teams." Hosting a short-term-mission (STM) team is a lot of work for missionaries.

It's true that many of our short-termers don't belong on the field. Far too many churches don't adequately screen or prepare their teams. And their presence on the mission field is a net negative. They spend $1000 a participant to do VBS and a bit of construction with a bunch of spoiled Americans with attitudes.

The answer to that problem is better screening and preparation, not a moratorium on STMs. I want to ask all missionaries reading this, what are you doing to replace yourself? How are you raising up future missionaries?

Link from Seth Barnes

We are aiming to unpack the technical jargon and gobblygook so that non-techies and church leaders can better understand how various digital technologies can be used in the church to connect its members and attenders as well as reach its surrounding communities and even the world.
Friends DJ Chuang and Stephen Shields are part of the team.

::: How Cultures Think
via RG Lewis

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