Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday RocketFuel

::: Church in Starbucks with's internet campus
Right when he says this, the little "hand raised counter" gets to 7. Everything in me wanted to click "Raise Hand", but I didn’t. Because I’m a good boy. Didn’t want to misbehave in church.
I wish I had my camera for what happened next. There is this older woman on her laptop across the Starbucks. I swear when internet pastor dude asked one last time to raise your hand…her hand went up. Then the little counter thing went from 7 to 8.
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Story worth reading because it's funny and it highlights a new expression of church

::: The world in 7 cheeky photos
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::: 16% of non-Christians in their late teens and twenties said they have a "good impression" of Christianity.
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