Thursday, September 13, 2007

Orbiters at Work

Goodwin's expectation principle: "A potential leader tends to rise to the level of genuine expectancy of a leader he or she respects." via Bobby Clinton.

Whether interns respect me or not, I have the highest expectations for them. Knowing what they know and having experienced what they have experienced, their responsibility, impact and influence on the nations is limitless.

EllyK was the perfect person to spend one-on-one time with Nast, a three year old adopted girl who only spoke Russian. Any time there was the threat of having to be around only English speakers, she freaked and went into meltdown mode. EllyK - empathy - spent hours rebuilding and reshaping, creating safety and connection - ideation - distractions via swings, bubbles and walks in the woods.

In it's most desperate hour, the world needs you.

Photos: 2007-2008 Orbiters TriciaB and EllyK.

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