Wednesday, May 23, 2007

When [Not If] People Quit

I had a difficult conversation this past weekend when someone quit on one of my teams - and not just one of the SPACE teams but my personal Hungary team. Now, let me just say for the record - I have had *tons* of people quit on me over the years. Seriously. Five or six people quit under my leadership on job 1.2. My Dteam certainly had guys decide not to come back because we were studying the Bible or because they didn't like the way it was run or because we as a group were too high on the compassion scale [haha kidding...] I think there have been instances where people have quit on a SPACE team before. And if not, well, here is a first but certainly not a last.

Get this - if you are in charge or leading something, eventually, people will quit under your direction. Campus team, job supervisor, Bible study leader, whatever. Team members, customers, clients, partners, bosses.

Let's be realistic about it. Not everyone will get along with everyone else. Not everyone understands or cares to understand. Some might be in it just for the ride - the sooner they wake up, the better for everyone involved. If their heart isn't in it, they are going to be fluff weight anyway and will eventually bog you down.

You and I are doing this for those who stay. For the ones that are sold out. The committed to the core. The ones that know we will prevail. The ones that stay awake at night knowing the world is going to be marked because of us.

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