Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hungary Team Meeting #3

We had team meeting #3 this past weekend, where most of the team went to eat at Old Europe - a German restaurant in DC. For this team, meeting #3 is the one where the team started to gel, to mold, mesh and become collectively one. You can see people stop being formal and start being friends, to ask probing, deeper questions and start thinking about others instead of just themselves.

Two other elements that were important for this meeting. First, about an hour car ride each way. Best use of time which also is the second element - the Myers Briggs test. One of the best ways to gel a team together. And, of course, we chart it out together.

Not to mention, the riveting and engaging older woman who played all kinds of fun songs on the piano, including all the songs from "The Sound of Music." And she sang the words. And she was blind. [No, I'm not kidding.]

Photo: Where our team fits on the MBTI scale.

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