Sunday, May 06, 2007

Hanging with the McN's

Our Hungary team had a great time hanging with K and B McN and their kids tonight - real live missionaries! Since they are one of the families that will be at the CAI conference we are serving at this summer, we invited them to our team meeting to meet some of the team and tell us what the conference is like from their perspective - one part vacation, one part great worship and teaching experiences, one part reconnecting with good friends who share the same mindset and experiences that you haven't seen for a year. It was a very fun time of hanging with them. The McNs are also the original way we imagined this trip in the first place since they are a GCC supported family, having been a part of Grace before the mission field.

Two my favorite stories from tonight: From K - how an In and Out Burger t-shirt reaches across the globe. From B - looking out over the city they just moved to and thinking, "God, my only purpose for moving here is to see the Kingdom advanced."

If in 500 years, we have one person from SPACE live like that, it will all have been worth it.

And the Sheng children were great little babysitters tonight.

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