Wednesday, May 02, 2007

More Than A Missions Story

Kt's class was doing a unit on Africa a few weeks ago and so I dragged NLind in with me to talk to them a little bit about Cameroon and Uganda. We had a great time telling some fun stories and showing pictures and passing around some of our souvenirs [the drums, Cameroonian and Ugandian money, jewlery box, necklaces] I even had D snag the :: oh so cool wood carving of the country of Cameroon that I cannot get hung at GCC but I'm not bitter :: from the GCC conference room so I could bring that in to show the kids.

The main point the teacher wanted was the idea of how geography has shaped the culture, which is really a fascinating subject when it comes to Africa. I think she also specified something so that the talk wouldn't turn religious. And we totally kept religion out of it, except for the one time NLind said the "M" word....

Telling the stories are important. And the stories, if we really think about them, are much more than about a missions trip, a destination or some project. Our stories are about humanity.

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