Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Every year our momentum gets bigger and bigger. I don't think it's just about quantity - rather it is about direction and weight. Here is a sample:

:: ELB, who has served with SPACE as a middle school trip leader as well as a student participant, went to the Dominican Republic during Spring Break. And... not on a missions trip, but with a group of students that just wanted to serve an orphanage - not related to a church at all. I would call that mission on multiple levels. She is on the leader team for the NYC team this coming summer.

:: LAC and her mum are going to Uganda this summer. She got in touch asking if I knew anything about the org they were going with. They have definitely done their legwork in terms of finding a reputable place to go with. She wasn't part of SPACE as a student but got connected as the Ghost started to spur her to think and act about Africa.

:: JAB, one of my leader team from Brasil, is going to Costa Rica for an internship this summer. Very much like a missions trip, he will be traveling around the country, going to language school, working on urban planning and community revitalization projects, living with a Costa Rican host family and showing people why Americans are likable after all.

:: His better half [and they are getting married in March], FZ, also one of my leader team from Brasil, is graduating from UofMD and then going to Cairo with IV Urban Trek. Some details about her trip:
- Your cell phone and wallet get locked up in a church where your team preps and debriefs in LA.
- You are allowed to bring $30.
- All your clothing for six weeks must fit into carry on luggage. Your luggage that gets checked in holds clothing that you give away.

Weighty momentum won't be able to be stopped given enough time, even if we wanted to stop it.

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