Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Stretch Every Year

"Stretch goals" were a term used in job 1.2 of certain things we would stretch for but not necessarily achieve. On the contrary, our dreams and visions should inherently be ones that stretch us and be consistent with the ideas of risk, adventure and taking whatever we are doing to the next level.

Here is how SPACE has stretched me and us, in the past four years:

2004 - combining all summer student mission teams under one idea
2005 - combining movements of students with GCC's intentionally placed families around the world
2006 - Mission Advance as a weekend context for preparing students, sending a high school team to deep, dark Africa
2007 - The Axis [tell you more about this one soon], two overseas teams, a 10% increase in operating budget.

Am I queasy? Yes.
Is that any different from June of the last three years? No.

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