Thursday, May 31, 2007

SPACE 2007 Presents

The Axis - a talent and variety stage - is an opportunity for you to show your support for the summer SPACE mission teams. Come out and experience the artistry, creativity and fun that our summer teams embody and support them via being at the show, performing an act [music, skit, short film, dance, etc.] or making a donation to a SPACE team. Friday June 22 at the Warehouse - 8200 Old Columbia Road, Fulton, MD. The first act opens at 7.15, light refreshments will be served and guests of all ages are more than welcome.

I, nor SPACE, have never been involved in anything even closely resembling this. So you can imagine what kind of fun we are going to have with it. AND, it is a neat way to gather community [with a cause] around our summer teams and gather momentum and support [both moral and financial]. AND, it's doing something missions-wise that I think is pretty creative and innovative. If you are anywhere near Columbia, MD, we would love to see you. Contact me via email or comments if you need more details.

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