Saturday, October 01, 2005

Active Next Two Weeks

I have a pretty active next two weeks. This coming week, there is a leadership gathering at GCC talking about the building move, which happens in 9 weeks or so. Pretty crazy. It is the last time the ministry leaders will talk and pray before we move.

(I actually wish I was able to go to the IMN New England Leadership Roundtable, happening on Monday. I went to the one in Orlando last January - here are my notes. I know it is going to be an awesome time, Keith is one of the organizers.)

I will also meet this week to talk about one of the ideas that is cooking for next summer. It should be a fun meeting, because this person is totally energized by the idea. But, I know its totally a manic idea. It is a pretty big undertaking. It could get huge, much bigger than I imagine.

Next Saturday is the DC Festival. It should be a lot of fun and I'm liking the fact that we are only taking a small group of kids. The last launch was a little over the top in terms of caring about such a large group of kids. And moving them.

The week after that, I'm actually speaking at IV at U of Md, College Park. Hence all the stuff about Matthew 25, because that's what I'm speaking on. I have very little idea of what the parable actually means. In any case, it should be *interesting*. FZ is brave for inviting me.

The Saturday after that is GCC's Extreme School Makeover. It's an opportunity where our church goes and does a bunch of stuff to clean up and help out at local public schools. Last year was the first year and it made a huge impact to the community. I'm taking the girls to help with that. So that should be fun.

Photo: Orange was the theme for my birthday.

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