Tuesday, October 11, 2005

InterVarsity - Univ of Md, College Park - Speaking Notes

Here are my speaking notes from tonight. I thought it went a little bit better than average. There were a few things that I wanted to say, but totally forgot. It was definitely fun though, and fun to meet and see everything that is going on there. It was also fun to see JAB squirm for his phone when it started to ring right after I started speaking. Funny.

The band for worship seriously rocked, that was a lot of fun, they were really good at both playing the music and setting the environment for worship. It was also fun to meet a few of FZ and JAB's friends, neat to see the context of their friends at school. And I've read up on some of their blogs so that is kind of funny and weird too. You know that whole blogger weird, but fun, dynamic. It was great to see a few CpR graduates as well as my neighbor there. It was also fun to see a few kids from our old church, sort of. One of them was part of a ministry a good friend of mine ran, the other one's brother was in D's first grade class when she was a teacher. Yup, feeling the age. Even the person in the crowd yelling that I looked like I was 12 years old didn't help. Ha.

Cool to see them launch their 'justice' component - Aqueatas (I know I'm totally misspelling it - I've practice for 4 weeks just trying to pronounce it.) They are having a night where they show the movie Crash and talk about it. Oh man, I would love to hear that discussion...

There is some serious momentum with the juniors there, I get this sense that they will collectively make some impact this year, Senior year and after they graduate. Definitely ones to watch. All in all a lot of fun.

Photo: The front of the Art/Soc building where Intermission was held.

me: D | the girls | job | SPACE
Scripture : transformation, more questions than answers | regurgitate in community

Mt 25
three passes

Pass1 - Invest
- what do i have?
you are the haves: living in DC | UMCP | IV
6.5B people | 3B less than $1 a day | 1B in extreme poverty
it is your job to care about the world - you have something to invest
not if i can invest but what can i invest

- a certain level of risk is ok
SPACE nursing home, playing football
not sure how it ever ends up

- payoff
living in phenomenal times
world is waiting for the church to DO and not just to KNOW
care and not just believe
500 year impact

Pass2 - Fear
Courage is not the absence of fear but the absence of self - McManus
Being on mission always clarifies
Servants probably knew what the mission was
Story - Glenn and the food fight party
Story - GMcM - saying to me lets go somewhere more risky

Pass3 - Kingdom
what is the kingdom of heaven like? what does it look like here on earth?
engagement, every moment, every motive, every desire, every action and thought
maybe the more you let God reign, the more abundant He makes that
You will look different if you do that
You will look like a nut
John the Baptist, Paul

Close - Pursuit of the kingdom on earth
some will invest some will not
the ones that do, that put their self aside, and allow God to grab hold and be in the moment

F in Brasil
explosion of the Gospel
natural connection
person of peace/gatekeeper

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