Friday, October 28, 2005

Like getting water to run up hill

Found someone's rough notes from an Erwin McManus talk or something....Lots and lots of stuff here....

Invest in people who are willing to invest in others.
Don’t have everything down… if you do, then no one will join your team.
The quality of leaders that you call will be proportionate to the level of influence that you let them have or the impact that you can make.
If I can get a person to love God and follow Jesus, then they will naturally want to go find a non-believer.
If I can get people to be fully alive, then they will lead all over the world.
The presence of God will make people yearn for God
People don’t share the gospel because they don’t have a life worth transmitting
Getting people to be evangelistic is like getting water to run up hill.

Loads more here and here. Dig it.

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