Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I remember

Well, it's been exactly two months since the Brasil trip, just one of the great experiences this summer. Like everybody, it's getting more and more difficult to remember specifics about those experiences - the subtle memories that we often forget. So I thought, just for me, that I would try to list the funny, obscure, and subtle details of what I could remember:

I remember --
how good that taco soup was
all the passion fruit (juice, pudding, candy) there was
that JAB ate a *LOT* of those little mints on the flight from Sao Paulo to Londrina
TFS - the one who 'never' sleeps on planes, slept more than anyone else on the planes
how good the desserts at Brasilian McDonalds were
what a huge help GMcM's neighbor was at the park
how new friendships seemed so easy and natural
how powerful a tool drama is
how badly I wanted to *just* get seats -- any seats -- on the flight home
that I really didn't want to pick up AW's water bottle since she just threw up all over it
that I knew I needed to pick up AW's water bottle since she just threw up all over it
how thankful I was for LB's hand sanitizer after I had picked up the aforementioned water bottle
that mission always clarifies
that plans don't always go according to plan
how all those kids at school wanted our autographs
how good it was to see the rest of the team every single morning
that there is a fine line between being firm and being harsh

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