Thursday, January 22, 2004

Some serious questions about The Passion
Well, the movie certainly has gotten lots of exposure over the past few months and even more in the past few weeks. I just linked to my friend Brian and an article he wrote about it. But this post here asks some serious questions of us Christian leaders about what we promote and why or why not....
** "However, I am curious how some evangelicals will navigate the moral trap they will set for themselves by endorsing this film. What trap is this? It is the moral dilemma of supporting a film filled with excessive violence, torture, and blasphemy - a film so bloody it has earned an R-rating simply for its gory content."
** "Christian leader, if you endorse The Passion as an evangelistic tool in spite of its R-rating, how will you keep your parishioners from attending other R-rated films?"
** "If they are willing to admit it, many evangelicals, if they are to remain consistent in their stated convictions concerning movies, will have to reject The Passion. Those who believe that the morality of a story ultimately has to do with its details (Does it contain sex, violence, or profanity?) rather than with its overall message will be forced to sanction this film with an unclean conscious."
Whoa. Yeah, he hits deep. And he is right on.
** "If you have preached against attendance at R-rated movies, or if you have declared that a movie is immoral if it contains violence, sex, or profanity, then you are inconsistent and lacking integrity if you endorse this film. If you constantly complain about the level of violence, disturbing images, or blasphemous actions in other films, then you should do the same for The Passion."
Read it for yourself and see what you think.

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