Friday, January 09, 2004

Dreaming about space
SPACE core meeting tonight - very fun. We met at the Mall. I know, talk about crazy. Take ADHD high schoolers to the mall to have a meeting.... But actually, it was very cool.
Saw tons of their friends, and they all were like, what are you doing, and who are you with? haha. Pay no attention to me, even though I look like I'm 16.
I had them dream with me what a service project looks like, but not a normal one, instead a wacky one, that no one else would do. Not for any reason. And they did it, they came up with two. The next two. Awesome, because in a sense, that is indigenous leadership. I'm just here to be the catalyst, the vision, you bring something to the table.
I also had them do this weird thing - pray for three stores in the mall. So there was 5 of them, I thought maybe they would just go off by themselves and find 3 stores and pray, kind of nonchalantly. But they all went together, and at each store, they got in a circle and held their hands. Wow. Totally not what I would have expected. Of course, the key to it, the reason why, was to get them to think about life strategically. While most if not all of the people in the mall are buying stuff or whatever, you are thinking about how you could pray, which stores to pray for, and how to bring the Kingdom here. What is the most strategic and why. Very interesting. It was very cool. Oh, and the 3 stores - A&F (of course), Motherhood Maternity (a surprise to me too, but what a great great GREAT idea), and Hot Topic. (One of my mentors prays for Hot Topic every time he walks by it)
Did I tell you, this is the COOLEST job in the world....