Thursday, January 15, 2004

What did the Agnostic say upon arriving in Hell?
"I can't believe this is happening to me!"

hardy har har

A joke from the comments from this blog, written by Director of Act One: Writing for Hollywood. The specific post is titled "WE MIGHT STOP SENDING MISSIONARIES TO THE THIRD WORLD NOW" Of course, I don't agree with the premise - of not sending missionaries to the Third World, because our own celebreties here in Hollywood are so distant from God. But the point is interesting in terms of ministry and reaching our own culture with the Gospel.
We must keep in mind, our culture is within reach of the existing Church. The crux is that the Church here is not doing a good job transforming what is already in reach. The "Third World" she refers to, that is unreached. 0 chance to hear the Gospel at all.
I like her writing, and its neat to hear an 'inside' track to Hollywood. Missions minded or not, we are all affected, and addicted I think, to Hollywood and entertainment at some level, just from living here in the US.

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