Sunday, January 25, 2004

Gospel Night
So CpR had this thing tonight called Gospel Night. It was basically training for high schoolers on how to share the Gospel. We focused on the key points, helpful verses and sharing illustrations. It was really good. Sounds like lots of kids are pumped about being able to have tangible tools to share as well as seeing all the other kids who wanted to share but never knew how, since they all came to the thing tonight. SM (the high school pastor) talked at the end about a bunch of stuff, I can't quite remember all of it.
The biggest thing to me tonight was how those kids feed off of SM, he has such a touch with them, a way to communicate to them, its uncanny. I mean, I've heard him speak plenty of times, but tonight, he was right there in sync with 99% of them.
The funnest part for me tonight was teaching a few kids and leaders how to do 2 card tricks that can really be used to open the door for talking about spiritual things. MW was probably the biggest fan, and she was actually in my group during the training. And I had no idea that she had become a Christian through MW (another MW). (So I like using initials...) That was a pretty cool story!
So to see 50 high schoolers come out to Gospel Night on a Saturday night. I'm telling you, there is a generation coming up that is going to have some serious impact for the Kingdom.

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