Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Summer 2004 and "Kazakhstan or Ocean City, MD?"
Just turned in my proposal for middle and high school missions to the Youth Min team for their approval and feedback. I'm pretty excited, I think we've got some solid goals outlined and to see them met would be huge for the Youth Ministry missions side. I also think the MTF is going to love it and to have the church see our students taking a lead in missions would just be awesome.
On a related note, K and E and a bunch of other guys are looking like they might go to Kazakhstan for a few weeks with a local, networked contact from MD. Very very cool. When I dream of SPACE and the progression I think it should have, something like this is the final, ultimate goal. A team going to another culture, assisting long term missionaries in helping them with the essential task. Wow. And to think, in the year 2000, when I was thinking about summer missions for my dteam, and wanting them to progress through certain experiences, with the end goal of ministry on the beach in Ocean City, MD - that was a pretty cool idea. It never panned out because those guys didn't get a sense of this kind of thing until probably very late in their senior year. But as I was thinking about it earlier this week, K and E have fulfilled this dream of mine, they will just end up in Kazakhstan instead of Ocean City. Hey, it's close...
I know I've posted this many, many times here, but this job I have is the coolest one on Earth. And what's even wackier, is that its not really a job. Well, it sort of is.... (Do you see what I mean?)

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