Saturday, January 17, 2004

Launch B
SPACE Launch B was today. Great great fun. Good turnout. It was all about babies. Made meals for people at GCC that just had babies and then worked at Laurel Preg Center helping them get some stuff done. Very cool.
I had some personal trouble putting together the talk for the beginning of it. The whole abortion issue gets heated so fast, Christians can get so angry and judgemental about the whole thing. Plus, I was way late in terms of thinking about it and getting the other logistics done for it. Last night, we bought most of the raw ingredients, cooked and cut 15 pounds of chicken, and baked two batches of brownies. It wasn't too bad, but it just made for a tough Friday night, the night before a Launch. And the directions, the recipes, the stuff to give to the people we made food for. The talk was the last thing on my mind. In many ways, relating to some of the posts below, not much time or attention to listening for God speaking.
Despite that, it worked. Kids came, served, got first hand experience about the issue.
The hands down best part of it all - Kelly'sf friend came and spoke about her experience getting an abortion as a teenager, getting pregnant in her 20s and deciding she could never do that again, making it as a single parent, and then finding Christ and being able to be forgiven after 10 years, not only forgiving herself, but experiencing God's forgiveness in a real and tangible way. Her story was intense.
Check out some pictures here.

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