Thursday, January 15, 2004

K and E
Had a great time with K and E tonight. Great to reconnect with these two Dteam guys, as well as eat Chinese food, replace my car battery in -10 degrees, and eat some more food.
Talked at length about lots of good stuff, including summer missions for them (they are putting their own team of 8 guys together), the theory of "Leave One Man Behind", and being intentional and teaching young high school students to be intentional. Lots of good conversation, I even had a cup of coffee... That's how good it was. (I only drink coffee for special occasions... NOT. The waitress offered it to me for free instead of paying for OJ.)
Good guys. Even after being 'done' with Dteam03 for almost a year, I am still reaping the fruit of it. These guys continue to sharpen me, they long to reach people with the Gospel, they want to continue the traditions that we built in Dteam extending them to the new crop of students, and they love to hang out, converse and have fun. It is a true joy.
Also came up with a list of questions for their meeting with a missionary contact for this coming summer. Very cool.

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