Friday, July 14, 2006

LC 2006 team departs

Well, the LC team of 14 departed for CMTS this morning. There was a bit of confusion up until last night with some vehicles - most of that was because I was in the middle of it. I should have taken care of it before I left for vacation, but oh well. It worked out and it's SPACE.

It's very exciting for me to see them off. I love this trip because, well, to be honest, it was, sort of, my idea. [OK you are right - *God* gave me a fantastic idea.] Anyway, it has so many great elements in it - to engage middle schoolers in working and serving, taking them away for some nonglamorous work, exploding their worldview and faith by working alongside someone so unconventional, and the connection to a GCC supported ministry.

This is also the first time [but hopefully not the last] that I have released something I wholly owned and unleashed someone else to run it. That's exciting to me because it personally lightens my load. But even better is the fun to empower someone else to run it and see how they shape and infuse the experience from their perspective for middle schoolers. And, NLind is the perfect person for it.

Two teams away now, one of them returns on Saturday, the other one returns on Sunday, while a third team departs on Sunday

Photo: some of the team getting ready to leave this morning. Check out the mohawk!

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