Monday, January 29, 2007

Review - The Multi-Site Church Revolution

Leadership Network sent me this book last May and I have been extremely tardy in reviewing it. I skimmed it when I first got it, meant to write a post but then totally forgot.

If you need to know more about what multi-site is, you can pick up the book or check out:
- the wiki on multi-site
- The Multi-Site blog

::: Why It's Interesting
- GCC is potentially on the verge of something related to multi-site. It will be interesting to see how it plays out, especially in my areas of interest. For instance, is there one student ministry per campus? Are extensions of our body [families overseas, etc.] cared for via a campus or a whole church? [Can we call our families overseas our Latin America or African campus? I would like to visit the Western European campus...] What will it mean for sending people - are they sent via one campus or the whole Body or some hybrid of both?
- Multi-site is related to the concept of church planting.
- The whole multi-site effort creates and almost requires space for a lot more people to be involved in 'ministry.' It seems to be a significant and important exercise in mobilization - getting more and more people involved in the doing.
- When we visit family in Savannah, we go to Rivers Community Church, which is part of the Sycamore Network of churches. I think you could call them multi-site.

::: Key Snippets
Here are a few key snippets I found interesting, mostly related to leadership and reproduction.

** Chapter 11 - Building Better Leaders
Questions That Help You Spot New Leaders
1. Do I see a constructive spirit of discontent?
2. Do they offer practical ideas?
3. Is anybody listening?
4. Does anyone respect them?
5. Can they create or catch vision?
6. Do they show a willingness to take responsibility?
7. Do they finish the job?
8. Are they tough-minded?

** Chapter 11 - Example Strategies for Leadership Development
- Two examples from one church on leadership development path as well as the path from volunteer to paid staff.
- Southwest Airlines Hiring Goals
- Leadership Pipeline - incubator example from Seacoast Church

** Chapter 12 - Secrets of Ongoing Replication
- How transferable is your weekend service?
- What are your core ministries?
- Are your core ministries reproducible?
- What is your financial and administrative plan for reproduction?
- How will your safeguard the brand?
- How will you continue to reproduce?

::: Overall
Overall it was a good read. Lots of pictures, graphs and interactive worksheets and tools. Multi-site is here to stay and this book is a good primer for those wanting to learn more.

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