Friday, January 26, 2007

Communicator Workshop

On Friday night, I had the luck of being able to attend a communicators workshop with Aaron Reynolds. The workshop was part of a conference that GCC's kidZone sponsored for people that work in children's ministry [even though I don't work in children's ministry]. Aaron is an amazing communicator - not only in being able to speak to both adults and kids but in being able to draw out great speakers from fairly normal people using some simple and well thought out techniques. Seriously, we watched one of our kidZone teachers, who is already a great speaker, transform into a phenomenal speaker in 20 minutes.

Here are some of my notes --
::: Redefine teaching - when we say teach, we think school. It's not about just head knowledge. The Bible is about life change.
::: Creators of today's media are masters of reaching kids. We need to learn from them as practitioners - not as spectators.
::: Peaks and Valleys - emotional contrast in the talk. earn your valleys and your peaks.
::: Intentional
- movement - most speakers drift and roam and that diffuses energy and authority. finish moving before talking.
- silence - we are scared to death of silence but it is a valuable tool for valleys.
- contrast - The Matrix III - 29 minute truck chase with a valley right after.
::: Hook - just like a movie trailer
::: "Children's ministry is a chick fest."
[The notes don't do the workshop justice.] If you speak to people - and I only do a few times a year - and get a chance to hear Aaron, take full advantage of it.

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