Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Cost of Bibles

Last week, while on the way home from Georgia, we stopped overnight in Smithfield, North Carolina. There is a great Sleep Inn Super8 there that we have stayed at before, since it is about half way for the trip. It also has an indoor pool that always screams my children's names. Co-located with the hotel, interestingly enough, is a huge outlet mall. It's got a good selection of all the stores you would be interested in - you know Nike, Bass, The Gap, and .... The Bible Outlet!!

I got some great deals there including The Journey of Desire for $6 and a church planting book for $8. So I thought it was a real Bible outlet - you know where you could get a Bible at a discount price. Not so. When we checked the price on a Bible that D liked, it was astonishing $55.95!! Huh?

We really need to think about this. More than half of the world lives on less than $2 a day and someone wants to charge a months pay for the word of God... Something doesn't seem quite right here...

And let's not even talk about the parts of the world that don't even have their own Bible in their own language yet...[Related post]

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