Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tuesday Potpourri

::: Teen Boom is Worldwide
While much has been made of the United States' population hitting 300 million this year, international demographers are worrying about economic, cultural and political implications of a population boom among the world's youth.
- Nearly half of all unemployment in the world is among young people.
- 500,000 young people under the age of 18 are recruited by military and paramilitary groups. Some 300,000 have been involved in armed conflict in more than 30 countries.
- 13 million adolescents give birth each year.
- Young people account for nearly half of all new HIV infections.
- The vast majority of the world's teenagers don't have access to television.
Link via BoingBoing

::: Mike Frost and the future
"...in a sense, I come from your future. I know how much worse things can get for the American church. Your country has begun the same slide into secularisation that Australia has been experiencing. Our decline began earlier than yours and has advanced more quickly. As a result, Australian missional church leaders have had to discover incarnational principles as a matter of life or death. We think we've learned a thing or two that many American church leaders have been insulated from needing to know. But the day is coming for you."
Link via Fred Peatross

::: The movement of the Gypsies
In Spain gypsies represent only 2% of the population but they have by far the largest evangelical movement with over 600 churches and 60,000 adherents. Throughout Europe there are over half a million gypsie believers.
More from Steve Addison. One of my Perspectives instructors in 2003 was getting ready to leave the US to be a missionary to Gypsies in Europe - the first time I had ever heard of a missionary to Gypsies.

Update: CousinSteve emails, "I recently met a fellow Columbia International University (CIU) alumnus who just left with his family for Europe to work with the gypsies. At CIU we were frequently exposed to the work of missionaries evangelizing the gypsies of Europe."

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