Thursday, January 18, 2007

SPACE Jan 2007 Update

"I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that he didn't trust me so much." - Mother Teresa

Hi SPACE friends,

Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers as we endeavor to shape and mold students for mission in the present, to the future and for the nations. After a really fun and busy summer [sending 5 student teams and around 55 students and leaders], we've had a quiet Fall and are reengaged for 2007. Here are some quick updates.

::: Pray for --
- Jan 20 - This Saturday we will take a small group of students and do a few community service projects - one of them taking place in the community [Maple Lawn Farms] across the street from Grace's building. Pray for a good long term relationship and impact.
- Summer plans - We are starting the ball rolling for our summer teams. This includes plans and partnerships with GCC family and friends both near and far, recruiting and lining up leader teams and then the assembling of teams. Pray for strategic opportunities and the right mix of experienced and talented leadership.

::: Thankful for --
- One of our long term Dteam leaders and friend of SPACE is going to jump in and help be a logistics coordinator for our summer teams. His help will be huge as he assists with travel logistics, tracking support raising and helping prepare our teams for their summer trips. Matt is his name.
- We will be doing the seemingly annual Sheng Orlando Winter Escape in the middle of February. Our time will be split between me attending a conference called Humana2.0 [] and DisneyWorld, of course! We are looking forward to the time away, being in Florida in February and having one of our SPACE team come with me to the conference.

Thanks for being with us right in the mix of this uncanny intersection of students, culture and mission. We so appreciate your prayers for these students, the future they are creating and all the potential and passion that God entrusts them [and all of us] with.

- tony

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