Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday Potpourri

::: Student travel makes up to 20% of all travelers

::: Estimations Long and Short
"Most leaders grossly overestimate what God wants to do through them in the short run... Most leaders grossly underestimate what God wants to do through them in the long run."
Link from the blog

::: Tentmaking's real ministry context
Imagine what it’s like to carry on a 8-5 vocation or profession, and then add all of the stress and adjustments of cross-cultural living on top of that. What’s really left for any effective ministry? The fact is, the primary and often only ministry context tentmakers can reasonably expect will be their jobs.
Link from Sam Metcalf

::: The Social Network of the New Testament
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from Derek and the Harmony Blog - Harmony is a new church plant in DC.

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