Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Time to Execute

"A half-baked strategy well executed will be superior to that marvelous strategy that isn't executed very well." - Allan Gilmour, vice chairman, Ford Motor Co.
from The Rules of Business: 55 Essential Ideas to Help Smart People (and Organizations) Perform At Their Best
Tomorrow night, the SPACEintern and I meet with a few more set of leaders for one more potential summer team. At least, I think they want to do it. These leaders are for our high school freshmen class - in my opinion the most important class at this point if we want to really implement this idea of a progression of mission experiences as students get older. So, if the idea is going to work at all, this class has to do it. As much as I like all of the other trips all of our teams have done in the past three years - and they all have been phenomenal trips - this progression of mission experiences is ultimately what we are shooting for.

So hopefully after this meeting, all of our teams [except one] are executing. Of course, a lot of that still involves detailed logistical planning, fusing a group of students and leaders into one cohesive team, raising support, etc. I'll tell you more about that one other team - funny thing its the team I will be leading [like you didn't already guess that] - hopefully by the end of February.

(see more fun quotes like the above from the book discussions category of the Fast Company blog.)

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