Monday, February 13, 2006

Perspectives #6

I got to go to Perspectives class again tonight. The speaker was Dr. Todd Johnson, who has done this enormous work in getting research about where, who and how Christianity is growing or shrinking around the world.

Here are a few of my notes.

Genghis Khan
commanded largest land empire in human history
31 people groups
2M people

There were Tibetians following Jesus as early as the 7th century

St. Francis actually shared the Gospel with the Sultan of Egypt

The center of Christianity in 2010 will be Nigeria. (see related post here)

The Gospel insists on being translated into other cultures - contextualization

The Soviets mapped every people group on the planet in 1964 in an effort to spread Communism - they knew political boundaries would not work

Mateo Ricci - Jesuit missionary to China - great example of contextualization when he translated the Gospel of John into Chinese - but also a book that the Chinese religious would want to read

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