Friday, February 24, 2006

Scoping Out Whiskey Bottom

EmGberg, the SPACEintern, my kids and I drove around an area near us this afternoon called Whiskey Bottom. Two major reasons for us to drive through there. First, since the GCC move, we are in a lot closer proximity to this area. I think our senior high pastor would love to see some kind of community outreach/focus thing happen here. Secondly, we were trying to get an idea for maybe a shared project here if some of the Brasil kids come up this summer. Nothing came to mind for either of those right quick, but you never know. It was helpful just to drive around and see the activity of some young people outside, the number of pools [3 I think] and the local public elementary school.

Although it didn't last too long, it was fun just to hang out with those two, especially with my kids. Like I've said a lot, my kids bring an extra dimension to relationships.

Even more fun - at one point in our conversation, I asked them one of those TonySheng questions. [If you know me, you know what I mean. If you don't, its kind of hard to explain.] They both responded in ways that I would respond - it was terrifying... What does it mean when you clearly recognize yourself in the people you are trying to lead? [They are as psycho as you are??] Of course, it took a little while, since this is their Senior year...

Photo: EmGberg and the SPACEintern, and I swear my kids are on the playground behind them.

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