Sunday, February 05, 2006

Travel tips from college students

Fun article here about various college students advice for travel. Here are some of the ones I enjoyed.

You can never go wrong with an extra pair of underwear because it makes you feel clean even if you're not.
When traveling in countries with a lot of temples, wear flip-flops to save time taking off your shoes at the entrance.
Carry a fake wallet. In a pinch, throwing this on the ground and backing away can save you a lot of trouble. Just make sure it has enough stuff in it (random papers and a token amount of money) to make it believable long enough for you to get away.
Always drink bottled water. It is cheap insurance against getting sick. Make sure the bottle is sealed when it is brought to you. Often empty bottles are refilled with tap water to save money.
Become the culture you encounter: Dress like them, act like them, even argue like them. Try as much as you can not to be yourself. You will experience a whole new appreciation for the other culture.
Buy the things your gut tells you to because you won't regret buying it, but you will regret not buying it.
Forget what your parents taught you and talk to strangers. Some of the most rewarding experiences come from meeting new people and getting to know their way of life.
Never leave home without Pepto-Bismol and toilet paper.
Go to a place of tragedy, such as the killing fields of Cambodia, Tiananmen Square [Beijing], Robben Island in South Africa, and the War Remnants Museum in Vietnam, and ask yourself how it makes you feel as an American, as a human being.
Interact with the children and take small gifts to give to them. It will make their day or even change their life.
Do not break laws. Never assume that you will have the luxuries of the right to a fair trial, good treatment or a lawyer.
Don't deny a fellow human being his or her humanity. The world is full of impoverished children and people. If you don't feel comfortable giving homeless people money, consider buying them some food. Yes, the solution is temporary and you can't save the world. But imagine yourself in their situation.

Fun huh? Some other travel tips I have collected here and here. See the whole article here. HT - Gadling

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