Sunday, February 26, 2006

GMcM visit

GMcM, who along with his family was our host in Brasil this past summer, has been doing a whirlwind US tour in the past four weeks. He was in town for the past few days and we got to hang out together this afternoon, with most of the rest of my team. [LB, you were definitely missed!]

It was such a great time reconnecting and just hanging out, hearing how our good friends in Londrina are, and just to see him live. And that weird thing to see him in my house - you know when your friends are in a totally different visual context...

A few things that I gathered:
First, no matter how one feels about your church community - whether you like the music, whether the messages stirs you or not, whether the body is doing enough to reach the community, etc, etc. - pondering a friend of yours who lives intentionally in another culture and who doesn't have a church to worship with - that puts your blessing in perspective.

Secondly, when our friends come back to the states, we have to understand that they have a pretty hectic schedule. They don't have time to do it all and see everyone. It might not be possible to spend loads of time with them.

Finally, God can put some very cool friendships together.

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