Sunday, February 19, 2006

Weekend Update

Quick weekend update... Sorry for the silence in the past few days. Big system outage at work I had to be involved with starting Friday at 5am until Saturday at 5pm...

[Tech details for those who care: Database block corruption probably from a bad disk array. Tried to recover table by table from the DR site - except too many objects corrupted. Recovered last good database backup but missing lots of archival log files. Recovered application data via transactional dates for missing range of data. Yeah, not pretty.]

D's birthday is tomorrow and The Madre came down. We all decided to get out of town for a night so we are hanging out at a hotel, doing some swimming and outlet mall shopping.

Fun stuff this week - be praying about an important meeting on another continent... GMcM is going to be in town from Brasil this coming weekend.

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