Wednesday, February 01, 2006

From pipe dream to actual trip

Some of you may be wondering what is our process for getting our summer teams up and running, operationally speaking. Hopefully, this may help some of you.

1. The big idea of a trip is decided to be pursued upon. [the topic of another post sometime.]

2. Approval from Director of Youth Ministries
SPACE officially is part of the youth ministry, not a part of missions. Therefore, the Director needs to know and approve all of our trips. Just so you know, there have been occurrences where a trip didn't make it past this part. And it was a very healthy and humble interchange among all involved.

3. Approval from the Missions Task Force
We then request approval from the MTF. Part of my role is to make sure they know about everything going on missions-wise in the student ministry. So I even send them info on stuff that I hear about outside of students, like college kids or student ministry leaders, etc. One of our other goals from the start was to bring some synergy to the youth ministry so that we could be more strategic for where the church was already at, had already sent people, etc.

4. Approval from the Elder team
Any financial supported GCC team must have this approval.

A few other related things:
- You know that your leaders make or break the trip. This year, my approach has been to find the right leaders even before getting approval.
- We also work in tight cooperation with the GCC accountants. Last year, we put a great process in place that worked really well.

Hopefully that might help some of you that work and serve within a local church missions context.

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