Monday, February 20, 2006

Happy Birthday to D

Happy birthday to my wife D. It's been fun watching her latest addiction to blogging, VMK, and Disney (although that one isn't new.)

More so, community, serving and loyalty to people have always been her high points. The web connection is just a different, technical aspect to those things she has always been great at.

She puts up with my crazy ideas, most of the time at least. Before SPACE came along, she mildly acknowledged plans for a chain of mini golf courses when we retired. Now, she is as committed as I am to prepare and launch students into the world. Even as we were driving out of town, we were putting together some ideas about the upcoming summer season. Of course, she didn't mind plans for her to be baking some brownies...

She's a great wife, mother and we have a ton of fun together.

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