Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Burn

::: Redemptive Analogy Vegas Style

::: JD Greear's Plumblines
These are all great, but below are my favorites:
The best ministry ideas are in the congregation.
Churches should be evaluated by sending capacity, not just seating capacity.
People come because of quality and options; they stay because of personalization.
In light of global lostness, excellence must be balanced by "good enough".
Preach the announcements (announcements are – or ought to be – how our people apply the mission).
Pushing out leaders creates more leaders.
When I'm sick of saying it, the staff has just heard it. When they're sick of hearing it, the church has just become aware of it.

::: Unless you equip others to do what you do, you will create a culture of celebrity. Reflect on what you do, and then impart it to others @JonTyson

::: "Life shrinks or expands in proportion to our courage." ~Anais Nin @BenArment

::: By 2020, Barron's predicts Chinese yuan will be world's primary reserve currency. U.S. goes the way of Europe. Global mission decenterd? @fitchest

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