Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The DecEmber Update

"Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions." - Einstein

Dear Ember friends --

Not so sure, but maybe I imagined what Ember is becoming - a tribe that's engaged in helping students burn for the world. So thanks for being a big part of that through your encouragement, support and optimism. We had some really great 2011 projects - all probably too much to tell you about here. But know that if you were to imagine some Gospel centered world changers in the emerging generation, you might envision Trevin helping me teach about missions to middle schoolers in Orlando or Lexi helping decompress an inner city missions student team in downtown Baltimore or Taylor who gathered a group of college kids from Salisbury to serve in Philly and ran an afternoon middle school service project.

You might also picture Carolyn, Baraka or Lauren - high school interns with a keen interest in the future of cross cultural service or Ben and Carver, adult youthworkers that Ember is helping coach in the area of student missions, or Amy and Dale who guide people and teams in their strengths. Who these people serve and where they go in the future and how God uses them - now that's unimaginable. [But I've got some ideas hehe.]

We are excited to try and launch some stuff in 2012 too. Lord willing, we will help prep some short term student teams. Our interns will engage in both local and global impact. We'll experiment with the combination of missions support and entrepreneurship. And we'll launch some student teams this summer based on the concepts of indigenous developing world leadership, church planting and urban/suburban partnership. Stay tuned. And keep imagining.

Thanks again for being part of our tribe. For The Ember Cast,

- tony

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