Thursday, December 01, 2011

DecEmber Kindling

+ Been spending a good amount of energy in getting some infrastructure up for 2012. Including recruiting meetings with some guides, getting an application process together and setting our guides up for success.
+ Tayest highly recommended Toxic Charity to me. Her words: "make the guides read this." First time getting book recommendations from college kids. Love it.
+ In July 2007, a group of high school kids traveled with me to Hungary. We went to NYC in January 2008. Traveled back to Hungary in July 2008. This spring, they finish college and a majority of them are doing missional stuff. Most fruit of your youth ministry doesn't show up for at least four years. Edit: I don't know what I was trying to say here. See Michelle's comment below.
+ The career list includes applied economics, nursing, international development, education. Whatever your field of study, missions can use it.
+ We've had a house guest for the past few months but only during the week and he's graciously donated some funds to Ember. One part of my Creative Revenue Plan. This was a nice surprise that just landed in our lap.
+ Trevin and I hang out next week with the middle school kids from Ember Ocean City. Looking forward to meeting them face to face. This student ministry has gone through 11 months of transition.


  1. Great talking with you and a few of the guides the other week.
    Not sure if your third point is on track with my experience--My peers and I learned a ton about missional living (asking lots of theological questions, starting contexualized movements, prayer-filled service) through Space trips that set us up for ministry in college. Space helped many of us to expect exceptional movements from the first day of freshman year... then build on or create them at our schools. College/university is an incredible time for bivocational ministry (internationals ourtreach, greek-life, dorm life, etc). I would argue that there has been LOTS of fruit (and several sustained movements).
    Looking forward to chatting more over break!

  2. hey michelle - you know you are absolutely right. i don't know what i was thinking... LOL. i'm editing this post. LOVED your comment!

  3. well.... i will edit this post when blogger comes back up....