Monday, December 12, 2011

Ember Guides On Site

Guides were on site last week at STJ. They:
- are highly adaptable like jumping in to help lead worship or having speed dating conversations with middle school kids.
- got excited about helping students along a journey of sacrifice, service and impacting more.
- can visualize the potential in a room of students.
- clearly articulated pieces of their journey.

Since we are by no means the experts, we are [still] learning that:
- it is hard work to cultivate a mindset of service and outreach among students. if your students already have that, be grateful.
- there are still lead pastors that will jump back in to student ministry to capitalize on untapped potential. It is so important to them that they will not relegate it to someone else.
- parents push and sometimes kids push back. And sometimes it's a front.
- sometimes, middle school kids don't want to talk. At all. That's okay.

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