Monday, May 17, 2010

Building Strong

Most of you know that I'm a big Strengths Finder fan. I have seen the assessment provide an incredible amount of value to people in the areas of self-awareness, leadership development and teamwork. So you shouldn't be surprised that the interns have taken the assessment and that the strengths vocabulary is a regular part of our conversations.

I also asked Dale Swinburne to provide a strengths session for these guys. Dale is a certified Gallup Faith Field Adviser and has worked with hundreds of people relating their strengths to career, teams and ministry. Here's a few new things that I learned from our session:
- Some of us have been degenerated all of our lives based on what was most true of us.
- Restorative [not broken yet] -> Developer [anyone can make progress] -> Maximizer [only take great into best]
- Context [historical] -> Adaptability [the now] -> Futuristic [the future]
- Discipline [OCD] vs Arranger [ADD]
- Arranger - think lots of variables with lots of outcomes instead of a puzzle with one outcome
- The Strengths conversation can fast forward relationships.
- We gravitate towards specific concepts that relate to our strengths even if we haven't identified our talents yet. Think about what stories you are drawn to and why.

Dale and Alex McManus also did an internet radio show based on the Strengths - a 45 minute discussion on each of them. Some of you would probably love listening to that.

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