Tuesday, May 18, 2010

09-10 Ember Interns - The Pluses

What we did right:
+ Blogs.
Making the interns jot down their ideas and reflections was hands down the best idea. If for nothing else, writing helps them think. And like all blogs, they will serve as journals for a time in their life. See faithinhighdeff.blogspot.com and strikeflint.blogspot.com.

+ Great content.
Their reading list included Movements, The Forgotten Ways, and Waking the Dead - some of the favorites around here. Also current material on culture, church planting, unreached people groups, urbanization, globalization, and leadership multiplication.

+ Face to face connections.
Connected them face to face with people around here doing the work, not just talking about it. And not just church people but kingdom people.

+ Embraced creativity, innovation, and new expressions of the Church.
Most of the field trips we did reflected this. I can't think of any of them that were "traditional" or stereotypically "church" in any sense - loved that.

+ Served.
Catalytic leaders serve in a movement context - so not only was it great fun to serve with them, we gave them a context to serve and catalyze others in the process.

[This is a series of posts evaluating the Ember intern process for 2009-2010: Overview]

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